Understanding Disaster Recovery Objectives


Article by:
Mike Corry

The following is an article authored by Ivo Mokros, Senior Technology Architect and Director, Cloud Systems Integration for IDS Systems.  Ivo has spent many years running mission and life critical IT operations.  He has been exposed to numerous operational incidents that have put disaster recovery and business continuity plans to the test.  In his experience, there is one thing that matters more than anything else in a crisis – being prepared.  In this article, Ivo discusses the importance of unexpected outage planning and recovery expectations.  Regardless of the size of the organization, information integrity is crucial to the survivability of the organization and in many cases, its clients. Private and public sectors, knowledge of the impact of an outage and the tolerance that can be afforded is essential.  For more insight and an opportunity to discuss your organization’s preparedness, contact Ivo at imokros@idssystems.com.

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