The BYOD Generation


Article by:
Randy Peckham

“Hold on, Daddy – I want to take a video of that!” my daughter shrieks as she grabs my mobile phone… next thing I know, it’s uploaded to Facebook, my wife has been updated on her Twitter account, and my son has already texted a picture taken on his phone, complete with location details, all in a matter of seconds.  But wait… we don’t even have a “regular” camera with us while we are on our vacation!  That’s great – one less piece of gadgetry to carry.  Meanwhile, I steal a moment or two to return an important e-mail to my colleagues, accept a meeting for next week, make sure the client call-in queue is within acceptable levels, approve the payroll and confirm a new client contract… now back to the rides!

Technology has changed our world.  For as long as I can remember, employers have provided pagers, cell phones, PDAs – and in the last several years, smartphones – to their staff.  But, things have gotten so advanced, that everyone you see is carrying around their own device – is it a personal one, or a work-provided device?  It is so integrated into everything that we do, that most people just carry them in their hand and don’t even bother putting them away!  I’m not complaining – I’m one of them!

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