The management team at IDS is integral to the service delivery group’s success. Each member has unique skills that allow them to effectively perform their role along with related consulting experience. Their primary responsibilities are to foster a positive work environment and to develop a cohesive team that is efficient, reliable and highly professional. In addition, their role is to ensure that the team is knowledgeable, well prepared and adequately supported.

Randy Peckham, BSc (Systems) Collège Militaire Royale de St-Jean
President & Chief Technology Architect

Randy is the Founder of IDS Systems and has been spearheading the organization since its inception in in 1995. In addition to providing strategic direction, he is the Senior Technologist within the organization. He has been assuming various consulting roles since 1996 and continues to service clients in this capacity. He graduated from the Royal Military College in 1991 as a Communications Officer (CELE) and subsequently entered the private sector in 1995. As a strong leader, Randy ensures that his team of professional resources are properly selected and supported and that client deliverables meet or exceed required standards. A passionate Information Technology professional, he demands excellence in every aspect of the organization.

Adam Crain
VP, Service Delivery

Adam is responsible for the management of all technical services delivery resources and for service quality. Adam has been a team leader since 2006 and has been managing a growing technical resource group and client base since that time. He considers his responsibility to be that of the client’s technology “sounding board”, ensuring that appropriate solutions are recommended, planned and implemented. He is also responsible for the ongoing support of our longest-standing clients and continues to ensure that quality support is provided based on their needs and priorities. Adam has been in a consulting role since the late 1990′s and is a professional technology consultant at its best.

Denise Peckham, MIR, University of Toronto, BComm, University of Ottawa
Director of Operations

Denise holds the responsibility of orchestrating and organizing the corporate logistics in addition to editing all RFPs and writing and/or editing all marketing related documents. Responsible for administration, finance and human resources, she is a perfectionist who takes her responsibilities very seriously. She has assumed this role since 2007 and works diligently to support the organization’s growth as well as to foster a corporate culture that is positive, productive and supportive. Responsible for all administration, her background in human resources and administration is leveraged to the maximum benefit of the organization.