OECM Cloud Readiness Assessment

IDS Technology Planning Service Brochure

IDS is offering a special promotional package exclusive to OECM Members! This offer is focused on providing a feasibility and readiness assessment for adoption and transition to cloud-based services. 

IDS Systems provides reliable and comprehensive technology solutions that allow organizations to leverage technology as a strategic asset. In order to facilitate the implementation and support of those, IDS provides specialized consulting services that are indispensable to the modern technology-enabled operation.

Through OECM, IDS will provide a focused assessment of the viability of cloud service adoption for a specific client environment. This is a consultative engagement that provides an advisory series of recommendations for the client organization. We will review the systems that are currently in service and required by the organization, identify reputable cloud solutions or vendors for these services, and analyze the financial, network, privacy, security, functionality and integration capabilities of those services. Based on the outcome of each service and of the sum of the services in general, we will provide a general recommendation for adoption in the client environment.

IDS has been servicing academic clients for over a decade and understands the concerns and priorities in this sector. This engagement is intended to facilitate school boards evaluate the many cloud services available and to also addresses Ontario Ministry of Education priorities, while reducing financial pressure on capital and operating IT budgets.

As part of this promotion, IDS will provide services at a 30% reduction to our normal fees for organizations that whish to complete a feasibility assessment. Service fee reduction up to a value of $5,000 is available.

More information on this offering and about IDS’ service offerings to OECM clients in general can be obtained from the following resources: