As part of IDS’ Consulting Services offering, Technology Procurement Services consists of specific activities that assist organizations procure and market technology. Intended for organizations requiring expert assistance with the acquisition of technology solutions, products and services, each project is unique. As a strategic technology partner, IDS is able to provide resources that are well versed in technology acquisitions. We can work with the client to define and procure a solution. We can also work with the supplier (manufacturers and partners) to ensure that a solid solution proposal is provided to a customer in a competitive manner.

When working with end-clients, services offered may include:

Often, we work with the vendor to respond to a client solicitation. In this role, we are a strategic advisor and procurement architect, assuming the role of the response manager. Boasting a very impressive success rate, we normally work on initiatives that are considered a “must win”. Understanding the procurement cycles, evaluation procedures and competitive landscape, it is often the details that make the proposal a success. Our key focus on the details ensure that a solid, quality response is provided to the client.