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IDS Systems provides reliable and comprehensive technology solutions that allow organizations to leverage technology as a strategic asset.  In order to facilitate their implementation and support, IDS maintains several solutions that are
indispensable to the modern technology-enabled operation.

IDS ServiceGuard is a comprehensive solution that manages critical Information Technology infrastructures. As a cloud-provisioned resource, IDS ServiceGuard is a 24 hour solution that monitors important parameters of applications, servers and networked devices.  It identifies service status indicators that signify problems in the underlying technology. Once an alert is identified, notification is sent to our central monitoring station and is escalated according to the Service Level Agreement in effect.

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Solution High Availability

  • Redundant monitoring platforms – The core monitoring services are deployed on a highly available server infrastructure using data centre grade technology, Microsoft Windows operating systems, fully supported software components and complete management control. Our monitoring infrastructure is designed with no single point of failure in order to provide continued service 24 x 7 x 365.
  • Redundant Internet connections – Communication with monitored systems occurs with a secure data interchange transmitted via the Internet. We have multiple Internet connections from various Internet service providers and diverse provisioning media. Should one of our providers have an issue, services are automatically routed through the backup connection.
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Operations – Our infrastructure is designed to permit continued business operations in the event of a system or site outage.
  • Regular Human Oversight – We rely heavily on technology, but technology is not infallible. The monitoring services are themselves monitored by automated processes as well as by individual operators.


  • Personnel Security – All IDS Systems staff are Canadian Federal Government security cleared to a minimum of Enhanced Reliability and most hold a Secret level clearance or higher. We conduct police background checks on our staff and do not permit access to internal systems to other than employee resources. IDS Systems maintains a “Staff Priority” hiring model. In this regard, all responsibilities related to system monitoring and supporting and monitoring infrastructure are supported entirely by internal staff and never by subcontractors.
  • Corporate Security – IDS Systems is a Canadian Federal Government security cleared organization at the Secret level. We have implemented internal policies for the safeguarding of information, and in particular client-related information. We also maintain a Canadian Federal Government facility clearance with document safeguarding and retention approval up to the Secret level. All corporate data is maintained within the corporate offices and never leaves Canadian borders.

Customized Service Levels

  • Basic Monitoring – The basic level of monitoring offered is IDS’ ServiceGuard Base subscription. Billed monthly in advance, the service is provided for the quantity of devices requested. Service alerts are provided via e-mail to designated addresses. Basic Alarm Management is provided to ensure that appropriate alarms are reported. IDS personnel do not actively monitor the alarms, however, our resources may be engaged on a fee-based ad-hoc support basis. Ad-hoc support is offered on a best-effort basis during normal business hours.
  • Managed Monitoring – When the infrastructure being monitored is more critical, the Basic Monitoring service may be augmented to a Managed Monitoring level. Including all of the features of the Basic Monitoring, Managed Monitoring escalates alerts to IDS’ internal operators. They follow through directly with the client to inform them of the issues and ensure that they are being addressed. This service provides a first-line triage that ensures that the proper resources address the incident. Full incident tracking is provided until resolution is achieved. Incident ticketing and monthly reporting is provided with this service level. Managed Monitoring is billed on a monthly basis per managed device with a slight premium over basic monitoring.
  • Managed Monitoring & Incident Resolution – Many organizations employ technology that is too complex to deal with internally. For these environments, the Managed Monitoring & Incident Resolution service level is intended to provide the ability to address issues as they arise. This service will respond to and resolve issues immediately. All features of Managed Monitoring are included in this service level with the addition of the ability to remotely access the managed devices to address technical issues. Depending on the physical location of the client infrastructure, on-site dispatch capabilities may be available. Otherwise, a local support contact may be dispatched when an on-site response is necessary. Managed Monitoring & Incident Resolution is billed on a monthly basis per managed device with a slight premium over basic monitoring with issue resolution billed on a time and effort basis.

Alarm Management

There are many reasons why a device or service would trigger an alarm, however, not all of them require action, and many of them are not critical. It is important to separate more critical alarms from those that are less important. The IDS ServiceGuard monitoring solution provides an initial classification of all alarms based on predefined criteria.

With the Managed Monitoring service, all alarms are reviewed by technical staff to confirm the nature of the alarm and its severity level. If a trend is identified that is indicative of an underlying concern, a manual alarm will be triggered to alert the appropriate response personnel. Conversely, an alarm threshold set at the wrong level or an agent monitoring a parameter that is unnecessary can create undesired alarms that are irrelevant. The Alarm Management provided with the Managed Monitoring service level provides an initial triage of all events reported and escalation of those that require direct attention.

Cloud Technology Team

IDS Systems is a full service technology consulting organization. Our team of technical resources account for more than 90% of our staff, including personnel that are highly skilled in most technology products currently deployed. Our affiliation and partnerships with strategic manufacturers and software vendors allows us to escalate issues rapidly and effectively.


  • Base Device Monitoring – The basic monitoring service is a monthly subscription that provides for the monitoring of 10 devices. Additional agents are added individually as required. Current pricing is available on our website. Discounts are available for sites in excess of 25 devices.
  • Managed Device Monitoring -Like Basic Monitoring, Managed Monitoring is available at a higher cost per device. An organization may have Basic Monitoring and Managed Monitoring simultaneously, but there is a minimum of five devices for Managed Monitoring.
  • Activation – Service activation requires a one-time setup fee for the client account. If the client has both Base and Managed Monitoring service levels, an account customization fee is charged to cover the configuration of both service levels. The activation fee can be paid over three months, or up-front. Up-front payments are discounted. Activation fees are non-refundable.
  • Incident Resolution – All incident resolution is billed on a per-incident basis and is charged based on quarterly-hour increments. Technical resource skill levels vary widely and are priced based on skill level and competency. A service agreement is created that is customized for each client. It defines the skill levels approved to address incidents. Should skills be required that are not included in the service agreement, client approval is sought prior to engagement of the resources. A prepaid block time or credit card billing model is required for Incident resolution. All incident times are tracked and incident details are provided with each occurrence.

Optional Services

In addition to our monitoring services, additional services may be engaged on a cost per item basis.  Some of the services available are listed below, however if there are services that you require that are not listed, please contact us to see if we can support your specific need.

  • License Management – We ensure that your required licenses are relevant and up to date.  Annual maintenance and license renewals may be managed on your behalf with reminders sent 30 days prior to expiry with renewal pricing.  Confirmation of renewal will activate the renewal and billing process.
  • Part Replacement – When a managed device reports a failed component that is not covered under warranty, part replacement may be approved and delivered (normally next business day) directly to the site.
  • System Implementation – Specific technology solution implementation is available through our services capability.
  • Other Services – As a fully featured technology service and solution provider, we can address most requirements, from small office systems implementation to enterprise-calibre solution deployment, architectures and assessments.  We also offer assistance with competitive procurement processes.