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As part of IDS’ Consulting Services offering, the Critical Systems Support service consists of a comprehensive, on-going enhanced support program primarily intended for public sector and enterprise IT organizations with suitability to mid-size organizations with mature IT infrastructure and support capabilities. Specifically targeted for high-valued systems and applications, Critical Systems Support provides skilled on-demand and emergency response engineering capabilities to facilitate the maintenance of complex multi-vendor environments. With this service, rapid support and guidance is available to better leverage your existing technology investments.

Standard Services

  • Rapid Response On-Site Technical Support -Upon customer request, a Systems Engineer will be dispatched. A 24 hour Service Level Agreement will ensure that resources are available upon demand. While on-site, the Engineer will work with manufacturers’ support as required to resolve critical issues, manage escalations and interface with IDS’ Technical Account Manager. As a result, issues will be resolved more quickly and efficiently leading to increased productivity, greater efficiencies and enhanced cost savings.
  • Personnel Transition Assistance – IDS helps to deliver efficient and effective training for new System Administrators. Our Engineers will also coordinate a comprehensive knowledge transfer to include necessary reviews, additions and changes to system deployments.
  • Annual Full Site Review- This service consists of a validation process for fully deployed supported systems. An on-site Engineer will perform a health check and provide recommendations for improvements to storage, networking, software agents and modules, configuration and policies. In addition, documentation will be updated to reflect production environment changes.
  • Regular Conference Call – On a semi-monthly or monthly basis, a scheduled call with IDS’ Technical Account Manager will facilitate smooth on-going operations and proactive issue resolution. During the call, the status of any open issues will be reviewed along with any others that are of concern. Future Systems Engineer visits will be scheduled and confirmed.

Optional Services

  • Assessment and Design Services
  • Upgrades, Additions and Changes to Existing System Deployments
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • System Care Review
  • Backup, Archival and Replication Optimization
  • Documentation Creation and Maintenance