In order to provide the service levels and solutions our customers require, IDS operates a help desk capability This function supports two requirements:

  1. It provides a response capability for unplanned infrastructure events, including those communicated to us by our clients directly.
  2. It also manages and provides a response capability for events identified by automated monitoring and management tools deployed on client networks.

For those customers who have an active support engagement and service level agreement with us, our Help Desk is available to provide Level 2 support for network infrastructure. In some cases, arrangements are made with clients to provide an end-user support capability, which may include onsite and remote support capabilities. Using our technology support expertise, along with automated and detailed incident reporting, we can help you deliver seamless, customized, end-to-end IT services to your end-users and technical support staff. We consult with you to evaluate your current IT service environment and examine service options. We will recommend organization, process and technology enhancements to help you deliver a quality, cost-effective IT support solution based on your business objectives.

The IDS Help Desk is normally an included service that augments the client’s existing capabilities. In some cases, a general Help Desk service can be provided as a prepaid basic service with incremental billings based on the level of use required. We provide a high calibre support capability leveraging highly skilled and experienced technology specialists that are particularly knowledgeable in your technology infrastructure. With minimal up-front contractual requirements or obligations, we provide a minimum-risk service that available when you need it and that is tailored to your specific needs. We work with and integrate with your IT staff as necessary. If you don’t have in house IT resources, we assume the responsibility of your IT department.

We provide a single point of contact for problem reporting, advanced problem resolution and management reporting. We can also provide remote support, including front line problem determination and problem source identification. Using our help desk capabilities, we can arrange application software support through a product application vendor if desired.

In order to ensure that you receive a maximum financial return on your technology investments, IDS Systems Help Desk Services can achieve many goals:

  • Reduce the severity and occurrence of downtime using an efficient incident management process
  • Reduce IT support costs by providing experienced IT professionals to address issues, rather than junior and inexperienced general response personnel who have limited skills and no knowledge of your environment
  • Build in capabilities and support to expedite recovery of your technology infrastructure, and keep critical employees as well as systems online in the event of unplanned contingencies
  • Leverage our expertise to proactively offer solutions and opportunities to further leverage IT in support of your organization’s goals and mandates

IDS offers other baseline services such as managed services, packaged services, turnkey project delivery and solution implementations. We also assist clients in meeting regulatory and government requirements. Our mandate is to support business requirements with technology solutions that are effective, practical and financially sound, even in the most challenging environments.