IDS DataGuard™ Data Protection

IDS DataGuard™ Data Protection

Advanced Data Protection Plans for your Peace of Mind

Data protection and disaster recovery are two of the most overlooked areas of IT management, resulting in avoidable organizational challenges, production setbacks, and financial risks.

IDS prides itself on being an expert at mitigating these risks through the proactive, intelligent use of technology and robust tools.

Protect and backup your data with IDS DataGuard™ Managed Backup services – be assured that your organization is protected.

Your IT Defence Strategy

At IDS, we are experts in IT defence strategies. Protecting businesses like yours from aggressive cyberattacks, sophisticated ransomware, uncontrollable environmental crises, system failures, and other IT nightmares is our specialty.

At IDS, we work diligently to ensure our clients can survive and thrive in the face of IT-related adversity. With instant notifications, business continuity plans, and secure data backups, it is our mission to assist your organization to remain functional with minimal disruptions.

Managed Backup & Recovery

In our highly complex world, with numerous cyber threats surrounding us, you need to know you’re protected. We implement technology to guarantee the preservation of your data and to ensure the availability of your IT environment.

Your organization is protected in the event of any and all business disruptions.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

At IDS, we believe that nothing should prevent you from operating your business. In the event of a crisis, let IDS Systems deal with the problem so that you can focus on your organization and ensure that it continues to operate effectively.